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Tema: NEW Showme X2 ROM file upgrade

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    NEW Showme X2 ROM file upgrade

    Today our ISP will update a good part of all software installed on the system our server is running on. The maintenance 'BRAIN" is as follows:

    JAN 21, 2010 09:30Am-1:00Pm ET

    The actual downtime that will affect all services will be 3 Hour or maybe more. So, let’s hope for the best and keep the fingers crossed!

    As fallow with this Update all user most re-program thier ShowmeX2 to be able to re-connect your STB and watch your stuff.


    1. Unplug COAX Satellite cable from SS unit
    Go to MENU> Hit OK> 4 times 9999> Make sure say DISABLE MODE
    2. Power Off STB , Power ON STB
    a. Run WiznetLoader and hit SEARCH wait for Showme is detected MAC:00:00:00: ect,ect.
    b. look at Version if it show this{ 82} dont panic ."let fixed"
    c. Check your NIC CARD Deafult GATEWAY some like this: or or
    D. then u ready to fix 82 error version.
    Set up : Local IP: 192.168.*.* Port:5000

    Server Ip: 30.303.30.0 .. Fallow with Port :90

    C; Un check box [USE DNS] Type: your NIC Card Gateway
    Now, Make a Check box on [USE DNS]
    3. Go to Option make sure Un-check Box Password (TCP Server)

    4. HIT Setting Button Wait until u see (COMPLETE)

    5. Then u ready to load new Rom file to ShowmeX2

    After is done Power Off STB, Power On back., go to Memu>9999.X2 then Exit.

    Watch Tv after few secound

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