Ver la versión completa : como programar rom 10 para n2 rom 102

12/11/2005, 12:41
Flash in fix

0. Make sure your TSOP version is the LATEST ONE! if it isn't, it will update and you will lose your mods.
1. Jtag a copy of your tsop (27, 28, 3700 for now.. test other models for yourself) and save it.
2. Open it in the OLDER flash edit. make sure the checksums are right. if not, goto 1.
3. Get a copy of the NEW flashedit and put it in a floder by itself. Copy the RSAnew-2700-2800-3700-834pONLY.fs file from the 102torom10-8a.zip file and put it in the same folder as the NEW flashedit(penga released other files with the same name.. do not use those.. use the one in the 102torom10-8a.zip file!!!)
4. open the new flash edit and find your tsop that you saved from step 1.
5. Open the tsop in flashedit and change the ird and boxkeys to these:
; fake boxkeys 87382EC5ACC1047E
; fake ird 0162B382
6. Check the fix CRC in ADVANCED view in the NEW flash edit.
7. Where it says script, click on Apply Script and save it somewhere you will remember!!
Write this new tsop (from 7) to the IRD.
8. Get a Rom10 and clean it to revA16 (nagra4.1 does this for you).
9. Goto Patch and click on open patch. Find the 102toRom10-0001-8.ep10 provided in the 102torom10-8a.zip file and click test. if no error, click Run Patch.
9 Same as above but find 3mTierPatch-0001-8.ep10 and test, then run patch.
10. Write to card.
11. Watch TV.

4900 at 320P works just fine.


set(0x113350, 0x6EF7E8A138BAB5CD7DC7FD6966CFC56D)
set(0x113360, 0x59F11DB1B45C0B61D5D123230B5C8531)
set(0x113370, 0xAE06993AB4D00AE9A667AC89BB99E3BC)
set(0x113380, 0xF8490FE9478B959F8A0355AB42C9335A)


FlashEdit 2.1 Beta2 will update RSA keys but IRDr is required to fix App Area CS

1) Download Latest Firmware
2) Add req'd IRD & BoxKeys, fix CRC & Save as 1.bin
3) Save above FlashEdit patch as RSAnew4900-P320-By-Perpetual.fs
4) Apply script with FlashEdit and save as 2.bin
5) IRDr -o1185D0 2.bin 1.bin (this will fix App Area CS)
6) Save as 3.bin

Write 3.bin to 4900 TSOP
Write Rom10

Sit back, enjoy, and have a cold one!

Dump your TSOP from a TSOP dump bank, remember, if your build config. is SCSJ you have to use a dump that matches the first 3 letters, like SCSB, SCSC, etc. Also, remember this, before attemting to edit or erase your ird TSOP make a back-up of it in case of an error in the programming.

1- open your TSOP in Hex Workshop:

DP301: Flash2 U11 from Jkeys
DP501: Flash2 U7 from Jkeys
6000: Flash2 Lo U41 from Jkeys
2700/2800/3700/3800/4700/3900/4900: Flash1 from Jkeys

2- click on EDIT, select GOTO

3- in OFFSET write:

FFF0 for DP301
7FFC0 for 2700/2800/3700
1FFFC0 for 3800/4700/3900/4900
3FFFC0 for DP501
1FFFC0 for 6000

and click on GO, here you will find the ird number in hex on the right side of the cursor. Open Windows Calculator (Scientific mode) select DEC, write your ird number (8-digits), then, select HEX. This number is the one you need to write on hexworkshop OFFSET on the right side of the cursor.(4 pairs)

4- click on EDIT again, select GOTO

5- in OFFSET write:

FFF4 for DP301
7FFA0 for 2700/2800/3700
1FFFC4 for 3800/4700/3900/4900
3FFFC4 for DP501
1FFFC8 for 6000

and click GO, here you will find your boxkeys on the right side of the cursor. Write the boxkeys of your ird here. (8 pairs)

6- click on EDIT again, select GOTO

7- in OFFSET write:

FFC0 for DP301
7FFA0 for 2700/2800/3700
1FFFA0 for 3800/4700/3900/4900
3FFA0 for DP501
1FFFA0 for 6000

and click GO, here you will find the boot strap version. Write your ird boot strap version here.(2 pairs) Remember, if your ird bootstrap version is 15BCCSCJ you are going to write 15BC only.

8- click on EDIT, select GOTO

9- in OFFSET write:

FFC8 for DP301
7FFA8 for 2700/2800/3700
1FFFA8 for 3800/4700/3900/4900
3FFFA8 for DP501
1FFFA8 for 6000

and click GO, here you will find the build config.(2 pairs) Remember, the first 3 letters of your ird build config. must match the first 3 letters of your TSOP dump downloaded from the bank. Ie. SCSJ is the original, and if your downloaded dump is SCSA, there's no problem.

10- click on FILE, click on SAVE AS, and write "editedtsop.bin", select Jkeys v.2.0.1 folder and click on SAVE.

11- close Hex Workshop and open Jkeys v.2.0.1

12- on Jkeys v.2.0.1 click on Flash Programming and read the instructions to boot your ird.

13- under IRD Flash Section select:

Flash2 U11 for DP301
Flash1 for 2700/2800/3700/3800/4700/3900/4900
Flash2 U7 for DP501
Flash2 U41 Lo for 6000

14- click on ERASE, do it for about 3 times.

15- click on PROGRAM and open "editedtsop.bin".

16- wait until the programming ends.

17-The following applies only for DP301, DP501, and 6000:

After the programming ends select:

Flash1 U10 for DP301
Flash1 U6 for DP501
Flash1 U45 Hi for 6000

click on ERASE, do it for about 3 times.

18- close Jkeys 2.0.1 and disconnect the ird from the computer.

19- connect the satellite feed, remove the CAM and power-up your ird.

20- wait for about 20 minutes, or until the IMPORTANT SYSTEM INFORMATION screen appears. Re-insert your CAM, AVR, etc. and enjoy your TV...

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