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OpenBox S9/S10 - FTP
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Thread: OpenBox S9/S10 - FTP

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    OpenBox S9/S10 - FTP

    First public release! 5.5.2011

    STBHD Lan Memory Manager Tool (STBHD_LAN_MM.EXE)

    This program is freeware for ALI HD solution.
    The program is exclusively for dealing with the ALI HD Solution over the network provides.
    The use, especially of data to and from the ALI HDBOX is at your own risk.
    Network Management
    Script Management
    Setiings Backup / Restore / Editor
    Support Tools for ALI3329D/ALI3602/ALI3606 Flash
    and much more ...


    copy some files( like TP_Prog.dbs/ constant.cw /CCcam.prio/CCcam.cfg...)to the tool root list!

    ALI3602 HDBOX please upgrade the newest firmware!!
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